Artistic Paths

Born in 1960 in Vancouver, a degree in Philosophy at Padua University, Luigi Alberton is a multifaceted artist. In the Nineties he is a multimedia pioneer. He receives two International Emma Awards in Frankfurt for the film-game “Blindness” and the trilogy of adventure games “Evocation”. He works with major Italian Museums and publishers (Mondadori) in projects for the dissemination of art, such as the documentary film “L’occhio di Masaccio”.

He is the author of music works, performances and books. He is the founder of Immaginario Sonoro, an association promoting “art for evolution”, and of the independent production company Iride Film.

Film Making - Theatre - Multimedia

2018 – feature film Tre Sassi (in preparation) – author, film director, co-producer
2014 – documentary videos Musme for MUSME, Museum of the History of Medicine in Padua – film director
2010 – documentary / format Flash – Pilot: Cittadella in 3D and 2D – author, film director, producer
2012 – very short film (Aural Imagination series) Agorà – author, film director, composer, voice over, producer
2011 – very short film (Aural Imagination series) Pioggia dal mare – author, film director, composer, voice over, producer
2010 – experimental short film La Giostra – author, film director, composer, producer
2007 – very short film (Aural Imagination series) Ella si va – author, film director, composer, producer
2013 – polyphonic reading in surround sound Paulus – composer, director, producer
2011 – polyphonic reading in surround sound Il Tempio dello Spirito – composer, director, producer
2010 – music theatre Il Drago e lo Stralisco – author, director, composer, producer
2003 – music theatre Colori di seta – author, director, composer, performer, producer
2003 – art film L'Occhio di Masaccio for the Ministry of Cultural Activities, on VI centennial of Masaccio's birthday, Regione Toscana, Provincia e Comune Firenze, Ass. Museo dei Ragazzi di Firenze – soundtrack producer and multimedia consultant
2003 – museum installation Magellan's Trinidad for the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan – soundtrack producer
2001 – multimedia La musica alla Corte dei Granduchi (Music at the Court of the Grand Dukes) for Galleria dell'Accademia in Firenze – producer
1996 – film game Blindness, Mondadori (shot in Cinecittà, with Cesare Bocci and Anita Caprioli) – producer, director (Emma Award - Frankfurt, 1996)
1993-95 – trilogy of adventure games Evocation, Mondadori – co-author (Emma Award - Frankfurt, 1995)


2010 – concept album Drago – author, composer, producer
2008 – music / work of installation art and music Esehcrut – author, composer, performer, producer
2007 – short piano pieces Ella si va, sentendosi laudare – composer, producer
2000 – concept album La notte del lupo – author, composer, interpreter, producer


2016 – Azione - Una lettura personale (Action - A personal interpretation) Short essays
2011 – Manifesto L'Arte per l'Evoluzione (Art for Evolution: a Manifesto)
2010 – La Giostra - The making of (A Merry-go-round) Photographic book on the making of an experimental short film
2009 – Ecofoglia - Il progetto (Ecofoglia - Project)
2009 – Voglio Vivere in un'opera d'arte: Ecofoglia (A want to live in a work of art: Ecofoglia) Photographic book
2008 – Piloti - Esperienze e arte per valorizzare l'identità (Pilots - Experience and Art to promote Identity) Magazine
2008 – Esehcrut - L'Anteprima (Esehcrut - The Première) Photographic book